Staff Stories

World Wellness Group is so fortunate to have team members from refugee backgrounds themselves.  Their own experiences bring a depth of understanding, compassion, expertise and knowledge that is unmatched in refugee healthcare. 

Sharon's Story

Coordinator, Multicultural Peer Support Workers & Lead and facilitator, Multicultural Lived Experience Framework

“My  journey starts in my late teenage years when my physical health began to decline…”

Yvonne's Story

Practice Nurse

“I lived in a Tanzanian refugee camp with my parents, seven siblings and one uncle…”

Lama's Story

Administration & Reception Worker

“Due to lack of safety and instability caused by the war, I had to resign for a while…”

Nera's Story

Co-Founder & Board Director WWG

“Due to the war, my family spent a few years in Austria as refugees prior to coming to Australia…”

Ghenwa's Story

Multicultural Peer Support Worker

“The hardest thing about this story is that I left behind my parents along with all my memories with my friends…”

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