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Multicultural Capability Development

World Wellness Group is a multicultural health social enterprise that has developed solutions to complex and entrenched health inequities experienced by the multicultural population.

You can engage us for your multicultural capability development project.

For 12 years we have worked on the frontline, filling a big gap in the health system – delivering accessible, culturally responsive and high-quality health services to marginalized migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum.

As a social enterprise, where we have self-funded our clinic, we have had the opportunity to develop services in response to emerging needs rather than work within funding guidelines set by funders. Our service responses have responded directly to presenting needs and from this, we have significant learnings and expertise.

Through this pioneering and front-line work, we have developed evidence-based culturally responsive health models, multicultural primary care expertise, multicultural mental health solutions across the continuum and life span, multicultural navigation models, and health promotion and telehealth models for multicultural communities. We have also engaged deeply with marginalized multicultural communities and learned how to elevate their consumer voices.

We have also engaged across the health system – providing advice, consultation and research support to government departments, Primary Health Networks, and peak bodies. We have contributed policy advice, data expertise, national models of service, training expertise and access to our Multicultural Peer Support workforce.

Our Expertise

We are a team of multicultural health experts with an in-house team of multicultural lived experience experts and consumers. We can bring to your unique program needs:
  • Insights and expertise from real world frontline experience
  • Advanced systems thinking and strategy
  • Embedded multicultural consumer and community experience and voice

Having worked for decades in policy, practice and systems improvement, we bring this experience in a tailored service to suit your needs and planned outcomes. We are also sharing key resources we have developed over the years. Complex problems require diverse perspectives and lived experience. Diversity, equity and inclusion are at the heart of World Wellness Group in who we are, and what we do, and central to our mission of health equity and social justice.

Profiting for Good

A key distinguishing feature of engaging World Wellness Group is value and impact.

By engaging us – your dollar will be supporting some of the most marginalised communities in Australia to access healthcare.

World Wellness Group is a certified social enterprise which means our organisation uses a business model for social good and all profits go to services rather than shareholders to advance the public good. Below is the social enterprise model for World Wellness Group.

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  1. Social justice means the rights of all people in the community are considered in a fair and equitable manner. It upholds the view that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities, including the right to good health. A focus on social justice aims to reduce the health inequities which are avoidable, unnecessary and unjust.

  1. There are significant differences in rates of death and disease, life expectancy, self perceived health, health behaviours, health risk factors and health service utilisation (Public Health Association of Australia, 2008). These ‘health inequities’ are associated with differences in education, occupation, income, employment status, rurality, Aboriginality and gender.

    Health inequity refers to the unjust differences  in health that are preventable and unnecessary.    Health inequities are systematic differences in health that could be avoided and are regarded as unnecessary and unjust.

  1. Wellness is a modern concept with ancient roots. Tenets of wellness (the idea that physical, mental and spiritual health work in harmony) have their origins in ancient healing and medical traditions that date back thousands of years.  Ancient cultures of Africa, India, China, Greece, Rome and Pacific Islands Nations (among others) had sophisticated ways of understanding health and staying healthy emphasising the whole person. Today wellness is regarded as a multi-dimensional integration of all the components of life that allow us to pursue our goals and growth.

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