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Health promotion

WWG is strongly committed to health education, promotion, prevention and self management. We have a number of programs and projects underway that promote health, prevent illness and encourage people to improve their wellbeing.

Promotion & prevention

WWG has two projects underway that aim to improve health for  people from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse)  backgrounds and  to prevent  unnecessary hospitalisations.

Wellness at Heart

The Wellness @ Heart pilot program aims to support people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD) with heart conditions and/or risk factors to stay well, manage their health and avoid unnecessary presentations to hospital.  The program receives referrals from the PA Hospital to work intensively with people to ensure they are linked to essential primary health services, understand their medications, receive health education and cultural support and support to access the services they require to stay well and manage their health.

The project offers:

  • Nurse coordination
  • Cultural & language support
  • Consumer follow up
  • Home-visits if required
  • Home medicine review


Culture Well

WWG is in a partnership with One Health Organisation and Asthma Australia to unpack the social determinants of health impacting on development of chronic disease.  As the first pilot site for this national project we are focusing on the social determinants of health, not on disease treatment — research shows that healthcare  contributes only 20% of our health outcomes. Lifestyle factors makeup 30%, whilst socio-economic determinants of health create 40% of our health. The final 10% is made up of environmental and genetic factors. We are systems mapping with three CALD communities to identify the key enablers and obstacles to good health.

We have collected data from local Arabic speaking, Samoan and Vietnamese communities which ‘map’ the social determinants that create the biggest barriers to their health and wellbeing.

Physical Activity

World Wellness Group provides physical activity classes in different locations throughout Brisbane during the Queensland school term.  


If you would like to pre-register your interest for the programs listed below, please email us to put your name down.  We will then contact you when the program dates become available. There are currently no firm plans for the groups listed below but we’ll keep you in touch.

Managing anxiety naturally
A six week group program that provides practical strategies to manage anxiety naturally.  Each week focuses on a different approach.  The program covers holistic health and anxiety; relaxation techniques; mindfulness; nutrition; physical activity; ayurveda and acupressure.

Chronic pain management
A six week group covering – understanding pain and pain cycles; relaxation and pain; nutrition and pain; mental health; physical activity; motivation to stay well.

Qi gong for beginners

A 5 week beginners group to learn the 18 movement-set of Qi Gong Shibashi.  In this group people experience the benefits of this beautiful moving meditation; excellent to increase fitness, flexibility, joint movement and balance; promotes relaxation, helps to manage anxiety and promotes mental wellbeing; and is suitable for all fitness levels. 

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