Refugee & Asylum Seeker Health

WWG specialises in refugee and asylum seeker health. We provide culturally safe, trauma informed, holistic, family centred and integrated care to vulnerable people to reduce long term health inequity.

People Seeking Asylum 


We have provided essential health care for thousands of people seeking asylum in Queensland. Many people seeking asylum experience Medicare ineligibility for extended times and this acts as a strong barrier to accessing health care and mental health support.   Our clinic provides seamless health services regardless of Medicare eligibility. 

We also provide food and personal care items to people seeking asylum when previous supports such as case management and income support can no longer be accessed.   We work with homelessness prevention and crisis services when required.

We are raising funds to ensure people seeking asylum have access to essential medications. Any support, big or small, is much appreciated.

Our Asylum Healthcare team provides state-wide health services via Telehealth. In 2020, as part of the Covid-19 support measures, we have increased capacity to meet the needs of people seeking asylum living in Queensland regardless of visa type. We have a medical and nursing team dedicated specifically to people seeking asylum. This is funded by the Queensland Government Asylum Seeker and Refugee Assistance (ASRA) Program.

Services provided by our Asylum Healthcare team:


1. Medical and nursing services including advocacy and health case coordination

2. Triage and response to immediate health needs of clients at the clinic and at outreach locations such at the specialised Hubs that have been established for people seeking asylum

3. Advocacy, follow up and pro-active liaison with external agencies for optimum client care.

4. Management of quality and risk in relation to health concerns


To get in touch with the Asylum Healthcare team, email

For more information about the plight of people seeking asylum in Australia, refer to this article.

Providing ongoing health care to people from refugee backgrounds, no matter how long they have been in Australia, is an important part of our mission. Our practitioners care for:


1. People who are newly arrived or at the early stages of their settlement

2. People who have lived here for many years

3. People who live nearby and others who choose to travel significant distances to attend our service.


We aspire to ensure that no one “falls through the cracks” by providing a service that is culturally responsive, innovative and flexible to the needs of our valued clients. In a health system that can be difficult to navigate, this is a key priority.


One aspect of WWG’s work with refugees is to coordinate the initial health care for people arriving in Brisbane flagged by the Department of Home Affairs with health concerns. This is in partnership with Multicultural Australia, the refugee settlement service in Queensland. WWG triages these refugees before they arrive by reviewing any available health information.   Shortly after arrival, our doctors perform a medical assessment with the person of concern, and their immediate family members. Follow up appointments ensure that identified health concerns are managed appropriately.  Following this process, a referral to a GP practice located close to their home is coordinated.  Refugee Health Connect assists with these links and provides ongoing support to these practices.

Our team has a high level of expertise in:


1.  Refugee and asylum seeker health assessments

2. Catch-up immunisations for refugees

3. Cross-cultural mental health care

4. Refugee health screening

5. Injury and trauma rehabilitation

6. Refugee dietetics

7. Refugee women’s health issues including female genital mutilation

8. Health promotion with culturally and linguistically diverse populations

9. Holistic approach to refugee health and wellbeing

10. Cultural competence in healthcare including working with interpreters


Our refugee health FAQ factsheet provides more information about our model of refugee health care.

Our clinic provides pro bono medical care and medications to people seeking asylum.  Every year we raise funds to continue this important humanitarian work.  Please support us with a donation (click the donate button at the top of this page) and attend our annual fundraisers! You may also drop in groceries to our community pantry. Thank you for your support.

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