Culture Care

Empowering Carers in Mental Wellbeing

Brief Overview

Culture Care understands that carers in mental health play a crucial role in society and sometimes their needs are not heard. Carers from multicultural backgrounds face many barriers in accessing services and information, which impact on carers’ wellbeing.

Culture Care can help by listening and providing emotional and psychosocial support over the phone (Queensland wide), or face-to-face (Brisbane area). Our team works with multicultural peer support workers and interpreters to provide language, cultural support and lived experience expertise.

The program also facilitates group programs for social connection and education.

How can Culture Care Help You?

If you look after someone who is stressed, or has poor mental health, you may be a carer.

We can help you:

  • Manage your stress and worries
  • Find support, services and information
  • Feel supported in your role as a carer

Who can Culture Care Help?

Any person from a multicultural background who provides support or care for someone with a mental health issue is considered a carer.

Culture care provides support to:

  • Carers from multicultural backgrounds supporting someone who is experiencing poor mental health
  • These carers may include people such as: immediate or extended family members, friends, housemates, neighbours
  • Community and faith leaders: we are expanding the traditional family/carer role to include community elders and faith leaders as they are key people in multicultural communities who individuals turn to for support
  • The carer may or may not receive a carer allowance / pension from Centrelink
  • Any carer from a multicultural background regardless of their immigration / visa status

Who is Not Eligible?

If their role is:

  • Paid employee or student on placement providing a caring service
  • People caring for someone who has good mental health and no emotional wellbeing concerns
  • Young carers under the ages of 18
People who fall into this category may still contact the Multicultural Connect Line on 1300 079 020 to find out what alternate supports are available to them.


  • Queensland wide

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Call Multicultural Connect Line on 1300 079 020, Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm and ask for someone from Culture Care.

We work with interpreters and Multicultural Peer Support Workers. We speak your language.


Culture Care is funded by the Queensland Health and delivered in partnership with Arafmi. World Wellness Group and Arafmi recognise that carers are essential to support the recovery of people with mental health issues.


Information in Your Language

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