Our mission is to create health equity

in the Australian health system.

Without capital but with sizeable social capital we started our journey to provide multicultural health and wellness services while working on systemic change.


Our Origin

WWG was founded by five Brisbane health workers who worked in various NFP and public sector professional roles in multicultural health and mental health for the past 30 years. 


As a result of a long history of multicultural health programs invariably being de-funded due to changes in policy and funding priorities despite positive evaluation results, the founders implemented a vision of an independent health social enterprise that could deliver services and work on fixing systems that create disadvantage in the first place.

Our Timeline


To deliver a high quality, accessible and affordable multicultural health and wellbeing service for marginalised migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum. We are not interested in one-off projects; we want sustainable health services. 


We also aspire to get a seat at the table in policy development and to lead a coalition of multicultural and health services to influence Australian health policy to be inclusive of multicultural populations. We want to see adequate investment in multicultural health. We are in it for the long haul.

Our Annual Report

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