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Welcome to our voices where we give space to voices rarely heard in health care. Voices of lived experience of migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum brings diverse and meaningful engagement and participation. A growing body of evidence shows that services designed in collaboration with those who use them are more effective.

The lived experience movement is a human rights movement. Empowerment and participation by people with lived experience is considered essential internationally to progress this human rights agenda (WHO, User empowerment in mental health: a statement by the WHO regional office for Europe, 2010)

WWG’s work is grounded on the principle that health is human right and we will continue to work to ensure that the lived experience of our clients, their concerns and ideas are heard and conveyed in all key areas where decisions are being made about health care funding and services to address the invisibility of our clients’ experiences and needs in policy, planning and decision making.

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Multicultural Lived Experience

What is multicultural lived experience and how is it different from lived experience? Watch our video to understand more.

Multicultural Peer Support Workers

Multicultural Peer Support Workers bring their own unique lived experience of migration, acculturation, cultural adaptation, and the impact of their settlement journeys on their own health and mental health. Multicultural Peer Support Workers play a key role in ensuring our services are culture based; health care grounded within the cultural health beliefs and explanatory models of our clients and building on their cultural strengths. Our Multicultural Peer Support Workers talk about their lived experience of migration, settlement, healthcare and their role as a peer support worker.

How does a Multicultural Peer Support Worker bring lived experience? Watch our video to understand more.

Sharon's Story

Multicultural Peer Engagement Coordinator

“My  journey starts in my late teenage years when my physical health began to decline…”

Team Members from Refugee Backgrounds

World Wellness Group is so fortunate to have team members from refugee backgrounds themselves.  Their own experiences bring a depth of understanding, compassion, expertise and knowledge that is unmatched in refugee healthcare. 

Ghenwa's Story

Multicultural Peer Support Worker

“The hardest thing about this story is that I left behind my parents along with all my memories with my friends…”

Lama's Story

Administration & Reception Worker

“Due to lack of safety and instability caused by the war, I had to resign for a while…”

Yvonne's Story

Practice Nurse

“I lived in a Tanzanian refugee camp with my parents, seven siblings and one uncle…”

Nera's Story

Co-Founder & Board Director WWG

“Due to the war, my family spent a few years in Austria as refugees prior to coming to Australia…”

Want to Contribute?

There are many ways to be part of the solution. Contributing monetary gifts, expertise, social capital and time are just some of the ways you can be part of our work to create health equity in Australia. 

Work With Us.

Join our dynamic, multicultural and highly skilled team.  We are actively recruiting additional health practitioners due to the increasing demand for our services.

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