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Our resources hub brings together resources developed by World Wellness Group on behalf of other organisations or developed for World Wellness Group clients and/or staff


Think Pieces

World Wellness Group was engaged to provide a report to the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care on options to address the health navigation needs of multicultural communities, to be developed in consultation with Primary Health Networks. These Think Pieces were developed as part of the stakeholder engagement and consultation process in preparation for a workshop held on 16 June 2023 to stimulate discussion and thinking with Primary Health Networks to inform development of the report.

Think Piece 1
PHN Needs Assessment
Capturing Multicultural health data and engagement with multicultural communities to pursue health equity

August 2023

Think Piece 2
Co-designed commissioning lens focused on multicultural health

June 2023

Webinar Replays

World Wellness Group held four webinars during November 2021 to celebrate our 10th Birthday. Below are the recordings of the webinars.

Systems Effect Mapping with Multicultural Communities

Multicultural Connect Line – Learning from the Setup and Delivery of an Innovative Telehealth Service

Social Impact Measurement in Multicultural Health

Multicultural Lived Experience – How is it Different?

Presentations and Learning Events

Unmasked: Racism and Discrimination as Determinants of Health Inequity

Discrimination Makes us Sick – Panel Discussion

Contextualising Multicultural Data Limitations as Public Health Issues – Conference Paper


Many of our services at World Wellness Group are culturally tailored. It is widely understood that health services should provide interpreters to people who require language support. What is not easily understood is that we also need to provide cultural support in many instances, to help the health consumer to engage effectively. 
One key way we provide cultural support at World Wellness Group is by engaging a Multicultural Peer Support Workers to work alongside the health consumer and health practitioner. 

Another key way is through cultural tailoring of health information. Watch this video one just one project where we culturally tailored health information. The resources produced can be found here.

Lived Experience Framework

The lived experience framework can be found here.


Our blogs offer perspectives on multicultural health equity based on our experience from service delivery, health system insights, migrant and refugee contemporary issues, community engagement, research and health promotion. It is intended to share our learnings to increase sector skills, understanding and capacity to advance health equity in Australia. Providing a blog to our valued colleagues and community is how we give back and contribute to our shared work for health rights, equity and justice.

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