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We believe that everyone has a right to accessible and appropriate health care regardless of who they are.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to build health equity in the Australian health system. This is a large and ambitious vision. We believe that the health and wellbeing of the whole community cannot be at an optimum if sections within our community continue to be marginalised and excluded in the health system. 


We work collaboratively with stakeholders at all levels in the health and social care sectors via direct health service delivery, research, data-informed training and policy advice, philanthropy and partnerships and by elevating the voices of diverse people with lived experience. We measure our success by our impact in creating a just and inclusive health and wellness system. 


Marina Chand, Nera Komaric & Rita Prasad-Ildes

Co-Founders | World Wellness Group

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Health Services

Our health services include a bulk billing GP clinic, mental health and wellbeing services, a telephone helpline, refugee and asylum healthcare, allied health, traditional medicine and wellness services, health justice, international student healthcare and health promotion.

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Our Voices

Giving voice to the people we work with is close to our hearts at World Wellness Group. We believe that the expertise held by people with lived experience is unique, valuable and of equal importance to other voices, such as professional expertise or research.

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There are many ways to be part of the solution. Contributing monetary gifts, expertise, social capital and time are just some of the ways you can be part of our work to deliver #HealthEquityJustice.

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Knowledge Hub

We are building a clearer picture through our expertise, the voices of lived experience, data and research to understand multicultural health inequity to develop solutions at the systems and practice levels.

Refer to Us.

If you would like to refer to either our General Practice Clinic or to our Mental Health Services, please click the button below to access our Referral Forms.

Work With Us.

Join our dynamic, multicultural and highly skilled team.  We are actively recruiting additional health practitioners due to the increasing demand for our services.

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