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“The hardest thing about this story is that I left behind my parents along with all my memories with my friends…”


For safety I had to make sacrifices and leave my family.

I was born, raised and educated in Syria. My interests in health led me to study a Bachelor in Health Sciences and I worked as a dietitian and nutritionist in my own private clinic in Syria before the war. My refugee journey to Australia was via Erbil, Iraq where I lived almost one year with my husband and my brother before arriving in Brisbane, Queensland in May 2018.

The hardest thing about this story is that I left behind my parents along with all my memories with my friends. I can understand how another refugee feels. Life is not easy, for safety I had to make sacrifices and leave my family, friends, job and everything that I have built because of the war. My welcome to Brisbane was great, in my opinion there is nothing I would change.

I found everything well because I had people here to welcome me. One of the best things that helped me to settle here more quickly and feel more comfortable is World Wellness Group.


This place is where I could find the best health providers and best staff where I got an amazing opportunity to meet wonderful people. Some advice I would give other refugees or new comers to Australia is to be patient and do not give up. Finally, they are safe in a wonderful country. Try to integrate with the community, doing volunteer work, try as much they can to improve their language. I have recently gone back to university so I can re-start my career as a dietician and nutritionist.


I started out as a patient at World Wellness Clinic.  My first impression as a general practice patient was that WW clinic provided me with all my medical needs and with the best health providers. It is the perfect place because with a lot of health programs you don’t have to go from place to place all of your health needs are in the one building. Then I realised WWG could be a perfect place to do volunteer work and I liked to be as part of this centre because I appreciate their help especially their work with refugees. By joining their team I can help other people who are like me and I can relate to them.When I started volunteering with WWG I was placed in the acupuncture clinic as my first step. During this volunteer work I got good experience, I have helped people and had opportunities to meet enthusiastic and effective people who really care about refugees. Then I started as a cultural support worker with the cardiac program, Wellness @ Heart and as an assistant with an asthma project, Culture Well. All these projects are about helping people to settle more quickly, understand their health concerns and integrate into their community. My role now at WWG is to present nutrition topics to help people eat well and make their life better. Because I understand how people were suffering before coming here and I could understand their feeling I really enjoy this job. I believe it will be a useful and positive contribution to help people to integrate into this community.

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