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Health justice program

World Wellness Group runs a small internal health justice program with support from pro bono lawyers for clients whose health is significantly impacted by legal problems.

Poor access to justice can lead to adverse health outcomes. People who migrate, for whatever reason, have the same rights to access justice as all other people under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Yet, migrants, refugees, people seeking asylum and other vulnerable people encounter numerous obstacles to access justice systems.

Access to justice is often due to people receiving poor information, employer intimidation, lack of access to legal counsel, language barriers, and unfamiliarity with procedures.

Our program aims to provide legal advice, advocacy and support for our clients who have legal related issues which subsequently impact on their health. We assist with advocacy in relation issues such as

–          Migration Law

–          Unfair dismissal

–          Family Law

–          Issues with previous lawyers

–          Housing and tenancy issues

We aim to assist our clients in various ways ranging from support letters, advocacy explanation of the law. Most of our work involves interpreters and support workers to help provide access to justice.

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