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Health equity

Australians generally enjoy good health. However, good health is not shared equally. There are significant differences in rates of death and disease, life expectancy, self perceived health, health behaviours, health risk factors and health service utilisation (Public Health Association of Australia, 2008). These ‘health inequities’ are associated with differences in education, occupation, income, employment status, rurality, Aboriginality and gender.

The definition of health inequity:  unjust differences  in health that are preventable and unnecessary.    Health inequities are systematic differences in health that could be avoided.

Working on the systems that create health inequity is the core business of World Wellness Group.

Health equity summary article provides a summary of Australian health data, and where available, Queensland health data. It should be noted that much of this data is dated.  WWG is working with Queensland Health to update available data on the health of multicultural populations in Queensland.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the pressure points of health inequity around the world. In Australia data is urgently needed on the demographic profile of those most impacted by the pandemic. More here.

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