Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Health Data and Research

In Australia the health needs of people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds is poorly captured. The Australian Bureau of Statistics developed the Standards for Statistics on Cultural and Language Diversity to assist in collecting standardised data. These Standards are not only inadequate to capture the cultural diversity in Australia, but the standards are poorly implemented – not one national health dataset has implemented the standards. 

We are caught in a vicious cycle: multicultural data is not collected, the needs of CALD populations are therefore not reported nor researched, there is little published research, and therefore inadequate investment is made in targeted health responses.  


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World Wellness Group acknowledges that the space we occupy and the place we conduct our work, has and always will be the traditional lands of the Turrbul and Yuggera people.

We understand that the connection between this land and its indigenous people has a special and spiritual significance that benefits social and emotional wellbeing. We pay our respect to the elders past, present and future of this ancient land and recognise that delivering equitable healthcare requires that we understand, appreciate and reflect our respect for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We commit to growing and nurturing our relationship with Indigenous Australians, to assuring their rightful place in the journey that is better health outcomes for Australia and to exploring the opportunity for partnerships and collaboration to benefit all.


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