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FAQ – about WWG

Why a social enterprise?

World Wellness Group Ltd is a social enterprise business, which means that we work for a social purpose to create social impact: accessible and affordable healthcare combining the best of conventional and traditional medicine for our community. In our experience, socially disadvantaged groups including some immigrant groups, refugees and asylum seekers are amongst the most marginalised groups in our community in terms of accessible and affordable health care. For this reason we channel the profits from our business into the provision of free or low cost health care to enable everyone in our community to access essential healthcare.

How our business works

We have three goals: to provide accessible and affordable healthcare to our community, to pay our staff a fair wage and to channel any profit we make towards subsidising health care for those who cannot afford to pay and into illness prevention programs. No profits are provided to the directors of the company.

The success of our business won’t be measured in financial terms but by the social impact we create: the number of people we are able to provide quality healthcare to that they cannot receive elsewhere. We aim to make our unique model accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.

How do we make our services affordable?

We operate on the pay forward principle: we have a fee scale which means those who can afford to pay a little more do so, in order for those who cannot to be able to receive the same service. We also provide pro-bono services to people seeking asylum who have no access to Medicare and often also no access to work rights. We fundraise each year to continue this humanitarian work. 

How do we make our services accessible?

To make our services accessible we work hard to overcome access barriers such as language for those who cannot speak English and cultural respect for those from diverse cultural backgrounds. Many of our staff and practitioners are bilingual and from diverse cultural backgrounds with professional experience in multicultural health care settings and when required we will work with interpreters.

Why is WWG located at Stones Corner?

The southern Brisbane suburbs are the most culturally diverse in the state and on some counts, in the country!  Stones Corner has a great public transport system hub with both easy train and bus access. It is also close to Brisbane City.  It is very easy to reach Stones Corner from the southern Brisbane suburbs.  According to the 2011 Census, 24.5% of the population of the outer southern Brisbane suburbs were born in a non-English speaking country, compared to just 11.7% of the Logan population.

The Brisbane LGA (local government authority) also ranks as the most culturally diverse and with residents who have language needs:

stats cropped.jpg

Therefore, when it comes to diversity and in particular, people born in non-English speaking countries and who do not speak English well – the southern region of Brisbane is the epicentre of diversity in Queensland – hands down!


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