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About our fundraising events

Since 2017 WWG has been fortunate to receive the support of many Australian celebrities who have thrown themselves behind our efforts to deliver healthcare to the most vulnerable.  This support was led by Judith Lucy, Australia’s most beloved comedian.

In 2017 our inaugural Laughter is the Best Medicine was a sell-out and featured Judith Lucy, Dave Thornton, Mel Buttle, Damien Power and Brisbane’s own Stephanie Tisdell.  

In 2018 Laughter is Still the Best Medicine was MCd by Judith Lucy and featured Tom Ballard, Dilruk Jaysinha, Nikki Britton and Suraj Kolarkar.

In 2019 My Boat is Bigger Than Yours was MCd by Mel Buttle and featured an interview between Meshel Laurie and Dr Munjed Al Muderis. 

WWG thanks all these generous and wonderful artists for their support. We fundraise to sustain our work with the most vulnerable.

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