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Our work

World Wellness Group undertakes a range of activities and provides services to the community to promote wellness and prevent and treat illness from a broad range of cultural traditions present in the Australian and global community including:

  • Health promotion, prevention and early intervention programs
  • Mental and physical health and wellbeing treatment services
  • Holistic and traditional medicine
  • Training and consultancy services
  • Research, advocacy and policy advice


Our client services have a focus on prevention and treatment.


Health promotion, illness prevention and early intervention approaches are closely integrated into WWG’s clinical service delivery and as such are part of its principal clinical activity.  WWG practitioners’ treatment approaches incorporate a comprehensive holistic assessment enabling the promotion and reinforcement of good health behaviours and preventing illness via education, including psycho-education, increasing client knowledge and skills, coping mechanisms and management strategies.

We are committed to developing a strong evidence base for the most effective ways to prevent chronic conditions among vulnerable populations.  Many early intervention and prevention programs in the health system exclude people from non-English speaking backgrounds inadvertently by not paying sufficient attention to common barriers such as culture, language, financial resources, transport and low health literacy. We are currently implementing a pilot program  for people from non-English speaking backgrounds with cardiovascular conditions to keep them well and out of hospital.



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