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Our work

World Wellness Group undertakes a range of activities and provides services to the community to promote wellness and prevent and treat illness from a broad range of cultural traditions present in the Australian and global community including:

  • Health promotion, prevention and early intervention programs
  • Mental and physical health and wellbeing treatment services
  • Holistic and traditional medicine
  • Training and consultancy services
  • Research, advocacy and policy advice


Our client services have a focus on prevention and treatment.


Health promotion, illness prevention and early intervention approaches are closely integrated into WWG’s clinical service delivery and as such are part of its principal clinical activity.  WWG practitioners’ treatment approaches incorporate a comprehensive holistic assessment enabling the promotion and reinforcement of good health behaviours and preventing illness via education, including psycho-education, increasing client knowledge and skills, coping mechanisms and management strategies.

WWG works primarily within the sphere of secondary and tertiary prevention where it works with clients in the early stage of their illness before it causes significant morbidity or works to reduce the negative impact of their illness by focusing on restoring functioning and reducing illness related complications through education and support.

WWG offers a nationally recognised lifestyle modification program called Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle (HEAL). We have a registered facilitator available who not only specialises in delivering the HEAL program, but also in culturally tailoring prevention and promotion programs. More information about HEAL.

At an organisational level WWG works with organisations to improve staff wellness to prevent absenteeism, presenteeism, staff stress and burnout and to improve staff morale.

In addition, WWG is strongly committed to research and evaluation and is working in partnership with research academics to incorporate evaluation instruments within its clinical tools enabling it to not only evaluate the efficacy of its clinical services as well as strengthen its preventative approaches. 


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