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Translated information on COVID-19


Queensland Government multilingual resources library – including audio files in many languages

Translated resources on the dedicated Queensland Government website 

Translated resources in 25 languages (produced by Victorian State Government

Translated resources in 15 languages (produced by Queensland Health Department)

Translated posters in 15 languages (produced by Australian Red Cross) please scroll down

Multilingual Resources and Information on Coronavirus compiled by Multilink Community Services

Translated resources in 51 languages compiled by Ethnolink

Government advisories

Up to date information from the Queensland Health Department

Up to date information from the Federal Health Department

Translated resources on a variety of topics including social distancing, self isolation and more produced by Department of Home Affairs as collated by Settlement Council of Australia

Mental health support

Mental health support for COVID-19 is a dedicated page with links to mental health supports

Support for people on temporary visas in Australia

The Australian Government has appointed Australian Red Cross to provide emergency relief to people on temporary visas – this includes international students and temporary migrants. Please contact Red Cross to apply for assistance.

Support for those in COVID-19 quarantine

If you are in quarantine and need help with delivery of essential food and medications, please call the Queensland Community Recovery hotline on 1800 173 349


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