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Staff wellness programs

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World Wellness Group has a team of highly skilled practitioners from the medical, allied health and traditional medicine fields.  Together, we have developed a unique staff wellness program that brings together evidence-based strategies to enhance staff wellness, and in particular, reduce staff stress, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Staff wellness programs are an effective way to manage staff retention and absenteeism. They have been shown to improve staff morale and team cohesion.

Three pillars of wellness

According to the latest research there are three pillars of wellness:

1. Mindfulness
2. Movement
3. Nutrition

Our staff wellness programs focus strongly on these three pillars to enable individuals to become empowered champions for their own health and wellbeing.

Workplace seated massage

We provide a workplace seated massage service.  This can be arranged on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis where staff pay for their massage, or your company can block book our therapists for an event or on a regular basis. More information and pricing here.  By choosing our massage service you are paying forward massage therapy to people seeking asylum who cannot afford to pay for a massage.


Most of our programs can be delivered to your staff as a once-off experience.  Some can also be delivered as weekly, fortnightly or monthly ongoing wellness sessions.

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Mental health at work

Two unique training sessions are available that support staff mental health and wellbeing:

Self-Care When Dealing with Difficult Customers

This two-hour session helps to identify when difficult or challenging clients/customers have an impact on our mental health and wellbeing. It provides practical strategies so that we can stay mentally well and positive and provide skills in self assessment, monitoring, defusing, effective communication, limit setting and self-care.This training can also be used to enhance staff communication. Limit of 15 staff members per session.

Healthy Thinking

Our thoughts have a profound impact on our attitude, emotions and even health.  This two-hour session helps to identify negative and unhelpful thinking habits, common thinking traps and provides practical strategies for developing healthy thinking habits with greater self awareness.  A must for building more cohesive and cooperative teams!

Please contact us to book or inquire about our programs:

What participants have said about this program:

“It allows you to be mindful and how to change your negative thoughts”. 

“As a home care worker I get into situations which are very stressful and I have learned how to manage it better”. 

“Very good training as it is applicable not only to work but to our every day lives”.

Intensive programs for stress management

These programs are delivered as regular sessions over several weeks. Ideal to support staff to understand stress and implement wellness strategies at home and at work.

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 Have a wellness session at your next staff or corporate event!

These programs are ideal for larger groups.  We deliver them at staff events and corporate functions.

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