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Our vision and mission

We have a big vision.  Our vision is to  build health equity.  This is a large and ambitious vision.

We believe that everyone has a right to accessible and appropriate health care regardless of who they are.

For many years we have watched the gap grow bigger for those who struggle to access basic health care due to language, culture, affordability and entitlement barriers,  let alone to quality health promotion and prevention programs.

Therefore, our mission is delivering, modelling and influencing health and wellness services to create an inclusive and just health system.

For us this means that we run the World Wellness Health and Medical Clinic as a social enterprise health clinic to provide free or low cost primary health care in an integrated multi-disciplinary team model, combining the best of conventional and traditional medicine by experienced and compassionate health practitioners who are not only highly trained clinically but are also skilled cross cultural practitioners.

We believe that the health and wellbeing of the whole community cannot be at an optimum level if sections within our community continue to be marginalised in the health care system.  We will work collaboratively with partners at all levels in the health and social care sectors via direct service delivery, training, research, and engagement.

We measure our success not by profit but by the number of people we have served who cannot receive the healthcare we deliver elsewhere and by our impact in creating a just and inclusive health and wellness system.

We believe that we are the comprehensive solution for multicultural health and wellness.

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