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We believe that everyone has a right to accessible and appropriate health care regardless of who they are.

We can speak out freely when needed.

Our story is one of migrant social entrepreneurship.

Our founders, leaders, managers and supporters are all deeply and personally committed to multiculturalism and brought together skills, expertise, lived experience and hard work to establish and grow World Wellness Group. Without capital, without financial support from the social enterprise support organisations and without government assistance we relied on social capital, crowd-funding, some philanthropy and our own skills to build World Wellness Group. We are close to our clientele or the ‘grass roots’ and as a social enterprise, if we become unresponsive, they will choose to go elsewhere.

Being an independent organisation is extremely important and is in our DNA.  We are accountable to our clients, ourselves and our funders for specific programs, but we are not vulnerable to changes in government policy for our existence. We can speak out freely when needed. We can stand alongside our clients when they suffer injustice. We can remain strong in our ability to keep sensitive information confidential unless directed by a court of law, just like any other medical practice.  We can undertake advocacy.

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