Our Staff

Management Team

Rita Prasad-Ildes (Managing Director), Nera Komaric (Health Promotion & Knowledge Hub,) Marina Chand (Strategic Projects & Contribute), Annette Ruzicka (Multicultural Psychological Therapies), Jackie Bentley (Culture in Mind), Ellie Richards (Clinic)

Administration & Reception Team

Ellie Richards (Clinic Coordinator), Lama Alnawakil, Amy Nguyen, Keyla Nieves, Shirley Craig (Accountant), Vidya Charan (Finance & HR)


Nursing Team

Heidar Molavi (Practice Nurse & Nurse Advocate), Yvonne Iragahoraho, Jemma Baker, Shannah Martin (Primary health care nurses)


Medical Team

Dr Anna Hebden, Dr Azadeh Abtahi, Dr Crystal Pigeon, Dr Katrina Neal, Dr Sara Burton (Medical Team)


Allied Health & Traditional Medicine

Ace Li (Dietician), Heather Martin (Physiotherapist), Mark Vanniekerk (Acupuncture & TCM Practitioner), Saini Singh (Homeopath)

Mental Health Management Team

Rita Prasad-Ildes, Dragos Ileana, Jackie Bentley, Annette Ruzicka

Culture in Mind Team

Jackie Bentley (Manager) Noah Kim, Tania Schott, Amos Ruhindwa, Pauline-Lee Jones, Sofia Alisheikh, Aurore Pascaud 

Multicultural Connect Line

Sameera Suleman (Coordinator), Kaamna Deo, Viviana Jimenez, Mohammed Kamara, Yvonne Iragahoraho, Jemma Baker, Shannah Martin

Multicultural Psychological Therapies Team

Annette Ruzicka (Manager, mental health accredited social worker), Dragos Ileana (clinical psychologist). Dr Marta Garcia de Blakely (clinical psychologist), Gigi Cheung (psychologist), Alina Ileana (psychologist), Kaamna Deo (psychologist), Jackie Bentley (mental health accredited social worker), Jacki Ni (psychologist)

PM+ Brief Therapy Team

Mohammed Kamara, Najla Al-Chouni 

Health Justice

Stephanie Manager (Supervising Lawyer), Yasmin Ildes (Legal Advocate) 

Multicultural Peer Support Network

Multicultural Peer Support Workers (MPSW) are trained workers who work closely alongside clients and health practitioners. They draw on their own lived experience as migrants and refugees of cultural adaptation and acculturation to provide culturally tailored support to maximise engagement, trust and understanding.

World Wellness Group has developed this unique workforce and we employ approximately 50 Multicultural Peer Support Workers who collectively speak around 45 languages.  They work across health programs including mental health, counselling and therapy, health management and prevention programs and consumer focused research.  All our MPSWs have undergone generic and tailored training depending on the program they spend most of their time working in. 

Multicultural Peer Support Workers are not volunteers but are valued staff members who are required to comply with health program guidelines, privacy principles, code of conduct, confidentiality policies and the boundaries and limitations of their role.

Aurore Pascaud, Multicultural Peer Support Worker Coordinator
Sharon Were, Multicultural Peer Engagement Leader 


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