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Annual report

Our 2018-19 activity report shows that we have continued to expand our health services and are reaching even more people with our work. Our health services expanded by 18% and our mental health services by 21%! We have also produced significant social impact through the provision of more than $400k unfunded and probono work.

WWG appointments Ambassador

On 1st November 2019, at the WWG fundraising event ‘My boat is bigger than yours’ we announced our first Ambassador: Dr Munjed Al Muderis. We are delighted to have Dr al Muderis on our team and he was equally delighted to receive an Ambassador plague featuring the Terminator – the movie character that inspired him to develop his pioneering robotic limbs.

WWG in the news

On 1st November 2019 our own Dr Crystal Pidgeon appeared on ABC Radio with a client Mojgan.  Click this link to hear the radio interview (about one third into the program)

On 28 October 2019 WWG appeared on the Today Show, represented by Dr Munjed al Muderis.  

New physical activity groups

Under the Brisbane City Council Active & Healthy Program, WWG is delivering two physical activity groups during Term 3 2019: Hot Hula and Konga. Come and join us and get fit while having heaps of fun.  Open to the completely unfit and uncoordinated and those better than that! 

We are moving!

World Wellness Group and Culture in Mind are on the move.  Our new address from 26 March 2018 is right next door – 33 Stoneham Street STONES CORNER.  All our contact details remain the same apart from the physical location.

Culturally & linguistically diverse mental health info session

With the recent introduction of new specialist multicultural mental health services and programs we held an info session for service providers to find out more about these programs and referral pathways in order to assist in understanding which programs are suitable for clients along the continuum of mental health. This session was being organised by Culture in Mind and World Wellness Group.  More info about the info session here. 

WWG is awarded Griffith Australia Day award

WWG was award a Griffith Australia Day award on 28 January 2018 by the Hon. Terri Butler MP in recognition of WWG volunteers and also staff and practitioners who contribute many hours beyond their paid roles.  Many of these hours are contributed to supporting Medicare ineligible people seeking asylum.  

Annual report

Our two-pager annual summary report is out!  

WWG fundraiser ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’a huge success

It was a full-house at Cloudland on Sunday 5 November for a star-studded comedy event.  We were truly entertained with the hilarious stand-up comedy from Judith Lucy, Dave Thornton, Mel Buttle, Damien Power and Steph Tisdell.  A huge thank you to all who attended and most of all – to these fabulous comedians for their generosity.  We love you guys!

WWG physical activity program expands

Thanks to the Brisbane City Council’s Active Parks Program the WWG physical activity program will be expanding in 2018.  On the menu we will have at various locations on the north and southsides:

  • Hot hula
  • Konga
  • Shimmy aerobics
  • Family yoga 

WWG receives accreditation

After going through the AGPAL accreditation process in the first half of 2017 we are super happy and excited to announce that we are now a fully accredited practice! AGPAL stands for Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited.

New date for film night

Our film night will be held on Friday 21 April at 5.30pm, with the film starting at 6.30pm.  If you are unable to use your ticket and require a refund, please get in touch with us by 16 April.  

Film night postponed due to severe weather event

After much consideration and taking advice, we have reluctantly decided to postpone our film night on 31st March due to the severe weather in Brisbane and needing to put safety first.  We will reschedule to another date as soon as we can and we will be touch with everyone who bought a ticket.  If the new date is unsuitable for any ticket-holder, we will refund the ticket up until 5 days before the event (16 April).  We do apologise.

Don’t stand by campaign launch

WWG will be launching the Don’t Stand By campaign at the upcoming film night fundraiser.  This campaign will raise much needed funds so that WWG can secure a long-term and bigger clinic.  More information about the campaign here.  More information about the film night here.

Rise in asylum seekers without Medicare

Since late 2016 we have noticed a sharp rise in people accessing our clinic without Medicare eligibility and without income support.  The support we provided in December 2016 was double to that of October 2016.  Donations are being sought to support this work – it is not just the cost of the medical appointments that are hitting us, but our clients don’t have funds for the medicines, the referrals they need (e.g. pathology), many need food help and some are homeless. 

WWG wins the Qld Telstra business awards!

On 5 July we were chuffed to find out that we made it to the finalist list of the Queensland Telstra business awards .  We were even more chuffed to win the inaugural charity category for Queensland!

WWG launches $25K campaign

In May 2016, we launched our $25K campaign with the task of raising $25K to help continue our work with highly vulnerable and Medicare ineligible people. 

WWG in the media

After winning the Queensland Multicultural Business Excellence Award, one of our Founding Directors Rita appeared in a story on 612ABC radio – listen here.

WWG wins Queensland Multicultural Business Excellence Award!

We wish to thank everyone who has been part of the WWG journey for the past three and a half years as this award is truly a tribute to everyone who has been involved: our founding directors, health practitioners, donors and supporters, volunteers, clients, partnership organisations and many others who have helped and supported us in various ways.On 22 August 2015 WWG won the Queensland Government Multicultural Business Excellence Award!

Women’s health education sessions

In response to demand and our experience that many newly arrived women are in need of women’s health information, our GP Dr Sue Gray and practice nurse Rebecca Goodchap launched their women’s health info sessions on Friday 7 August.  More than 20 women from four language groups came along and early feedback was extremely positive.  We plan to run more in September!

Art therapy group

WWG and Culture in Mind are running an Art Therapy group.  Starting Friday 14th August 10.30 to 12noon. Facilitated by Lody Levy, an art therapist and social worker with over 25 years experience working with migrants and refugees in mental health, this group will work with a range of art materials to provide a safe and inclusive space for personal reflection and expression.  Call 3333 2100 to book.  The group runs for five weeks.

WWG recruiting more GPs

In response to the growing demand for our services, WWG is actively recruiting more GPs.  If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. 

WWG sends open letter to Minister for Immigration and Border Protection

In response to the escalating distress and mental health crises being experienced by our asylum seeker clients, WWG sent an open letter to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection on 19 June 2014.  The letter was also sent to the editor of the Courier Mail.

Acupuncture pain clinic opens on 12 June 2014!

We are now providing a very low cost acupuncture pain clinic on Thursdays between 11.30 and 1.30pm.  Please click here to read more.

Planning a community acupuncture pain clinic

We are planning to provide a community acupuncture pain clinic as so many of our clients are suffering from pain. We are currently fundraising specifically for this clinic and once we have enough of the basic requirements together (trolly, chairs, needles, small amount of funds), we will get started. If you can help, please get in touch.

Our funding campaign reached $15,900

WWG raised $15,900 in 30 days to keep providing health care to disadvantaged and vulnerable migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.  Since our funding campaign officially closed, we have been approached by people who still would like to contribute! We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all those who not only donated, but volunteered their time at the various functions and who provided moral support.

Eminent Professor John Mendoza supports WWGs funding campaign

WWG’s funding campaign went live on Monday 13 May 2013!  A long list of eminent people renowned nationally and internationally in the fields of primary care, mental health, multicultural affairs and social enterprise and business have publicly supported our efforts to establish a viable health clinic for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. 

Here is Professor John Mendoza’s full statement of support:

When asked to be a campaign ambassador for the World Wellness Group to support the provision of mental health services for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, I did not hesitate. The reasons were to me were self-evident.

Australia is one of the world’s strongest democracies. Yet we, the current generations, are failing ourselves and our heritage as a champion nation for human rights and peace.

We have allowed our political leaders to establish increasingly harsh regimes for ‘managing’ people (refugees and asylum seekers) arriving by boat. In world terms, the numbers of arrivals is a modest problem. Yet we have basically adopted a system that uses these people as a human shield. A practice we rightly condemn when used by others.   

We are all knowingly deliberately setting out to harm these people so as to deter others who may through circumstances beyond their control leave their homelands.  By doing so we are adding to the trauma that many of these people have already experienced. We are knowingly adding to their vulnerability to serious mental health problems and their risk of self-harm and suicide. 

We know as Australians that we already have a grossly inadequate mental health system – over-stretched, over-stressed. Yet we are knowingly adding to that stressed system, women, children and men with serious mental health problems. 

Then when these folk are allowed community detention and a bridging visa, our political leaders have implemented a regime where these folk cannot access adequate healthcare and are not permitted to work for up to five years. 

Until our political leaders recognise the moral bankruptcy of these regimes, those of us of good conscience must assist these women, children and men. If we do not act or speak out, then we can expect further bad things to happen and for our nation to be diminished. 

I ask that you give.

Professor John Mendoza, Adj Professor, Health and Sport Science, University of Sunshine Coast, Adj Assoc/Professor, Medicine, Sydney University, Director, ConNetica Consulting Pty Ltd

Launch of Connect * Contribute * Create on Monday 13 May 4-6pm

Everyone is invited to the launch of our upcoming crowd-funding campaign on Monday 13 May between 4-6pm at the WWG office – 28 Dibley Street, Woolloongabba.  See you there!  For more information about the campaign, please refer to our e-newsletters.

WWG becomes an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider March 2013

In March 2013 WWG commenced providing EAP services to a large non-government organisation.  As an organisation that specialises in culturally appropriate and holistic wellbeing services, WWG is an ideal EAP provider.

HEAL program running weekly March 2013

One of WWG’s Directors, Nera Komaric, is an accredited Health Eating Activity and Lifestyle (HEAL) Program facilitator.  The first HEAL program got started in March and runs weekly for 8 weeks.  The program is being culturally adapted and uses qi gong and pranayama instead of conventional physical activity and cooling down techniques.

WWG becomes external supervision provider January 2013

In January 2013 WWG became the External Supervision provider for the Red Cross Australia (Queensland) Migration Support Program (MSP) which provides support to refugees, asylum seekers, immigration detainees and other people who are vulnerable as a result of migration.  Since January, WWG’s Greg Turner has been providing  group supervision to each team consisting of around 7 case workers as well as to Team Leaders from across all the MSP.  Feedback from supervisee’s and management has been overwhelmingly positive and focuses particularly on the knowledge and experience of the WWG supervisor in specific content environment in which the MSP operates as well as skills in the process of group and individual supervision. As an external supervision provider, WWG is able to provide a confidential space for supervisee’s with none of the limitations of internal supervision such as role conflicts, power differentials and /or organisational dynamics. WWG is able to provide external group and individual supervision which is contextually based drawing from WWG’s extensive experience in the migrant and refugee sector.  Contact WWG to discuss external supervision for your organisation. 

WWG opens its clinic Oct 30, 2012

WWG has commenced its general practice service and is open for referrals to its refugee health and wellbeing program which provides general health and mental health assessment and treatment through a network of health practitioners including general practitioners, psychiatrists, allied health workers and traditional medicine practitioners.

WWG launches consultancy & training services Aug 7, 2012

WWG provides a range of expert consultancy and training services to non government organisations, government departments and community groups to generate funds to provide its own health and wellness services. 

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