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Choose your healthcare provider with your social conscience

Your consumer choices do have great social impact. Choosing a healthcare provider that gives back to the community has a lasting flow-on effect.

By choosing us as your medical and wellbeing clinic, you are automatically giving back to the community, while at the same being able to enjoy:

  • A high quality medical services
  • Access to affordable allied health including psychology, social work, dietetics and occupational therapy
  • Access to affordable traditional medicine including a community acupuncture that charges only $5 for unwaged and $20 for waged
  • Access to seated massage that charges only $15 for a half hour seated massage

How your choice helps vulnerable and disadvantaged people

By choosing us as your healthcare provider you are helping us to help disadvantaged members of our community. Our mission is to build health equity for disadvantaged people, particularly refugees, asylum seekers and disadvantaged migrants. We also provide food assistance to our homeless patients and those living in hardship.

Be part of the solution!

If you don’t want to switch your healthcare provider but want to help, you can still support us with an online secure donation.

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