How you can help Donate

Donate to WWG

Donations over $2 are tax deductible.  We do not receive government funding to run the clinic and therefore run on a limited budget.  Your donation will be put to good use and is much appreciated.

In 2017-18 we provided $120,000 worth of free healthcare of asylum seekers without Medicare.  To enable us to continue this work, please support us by using our services or through a donation.

GoFundMe campaign

We have a current crowd funding campaign on the GoFundMe website.We are currently fundraising to help us buy medical equipment for our new GP rooms in the new premises.  

Online donation

Just click on this link - it's that simple.

Direct deposit 

Please email us at with your name, address and the amount you would like to donate.  We will send you our bank account details, followed by a tax deductible receipt and a thank you card.  If you would like to donate to a specific program or purpose, please also let us know.


Please send your cheque to World Wellness Group, 11/416 Logan Road, Stones Corner, Qld 4120.

Support our acupuncture clinic!

We are always looking for donations to keep our acupuncture clinic going.  It costs just $560 per week to run the acupuncture clinic and this $560 provides an astounding $1040 worth of acupuncture services per week. That's great impact!  Please get in touch if you can help us.  The video below captures  the wonderful work our acupuncture clinic does.

Thank you!

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