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What you told us so far...and what we have done

In July 2017 we received the results from an externally administered client feedback survey.  We were so heartened to see the overwhelming positive feedback - thank you!  Our clients were asked 27 questions on their experiences and the results were compared with industry averages.  When compared with other practices, WWG scored higher on 25 questions out of 27.  When compared with practices the same size as WWG, we scored higher on 24 questions out of 27.  

Here were some individual comments:

"I was recommended by a friend to visit when I was sick and I will be back next time I am. 10/10 for everything."

"I love this practice. I have never attended somewhere so ethical and welcoming.

"Doctor was fantastic, very understanding. Cannot improve, already great."

"Since I'm non-speaking English I would like to ask the doctor to explain information with the interpreter slow. Other than that the service I receive from doctor and the staff was very good. I like to recommend it keep going the way it is."

"This is the friendliest clinic I have ever been to!"

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What we have done

What you told us  What we have done

1. You feel welcomed and safe in our clinic.


We have encouraged our team to keep up their efforts in this area.

2. You are happy that the clinical team provide longer appointments and provide good information


Our admin team will ensure that the reason for the appointment is discussed at the time of booking so that sufficient time is available for the issue.
3. Our waiting area is not big enough

We agree and are working on finding a new space with a bigger waiting room


4. You can't always find an available time to see the clinician of your choice. We are actively recruiting more GPs to better cater for demand.
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