2023 End of Year Campaign

Tackling barriers to culturally appropriate healthcare for migrants, refugees and people seeking asylum

Overcoming multiple obstacles to attend your GP appointment can be too difficult for many people. But when you speak limited to no English, if you are struggling to understand the implications of your chronic health condition, when you have to choose between buying medication or transport to your appointment, all these barriers can make it difficult to prioritise your health care.

To tackle these barriers, we are seeking resources to integrate a Multicultural Peer Support Worker role into our GP clinic’s service model who will be a source of cultural engagement and attendance support to our patients.

We have successfully addressed these obstacles in our other health programs which are government funded. External evaluations have shown that a Multicultural Peer Support workforce is a key factor to successful cultural engagement and positive clinical outcomes. We want to trial this peer support model of care in our GP clinic to help us build the evidence base for the effectiveness of this workforce in multicultural primary care.

Help us achieve better health outcomes for patients with multiple challenges and with chronic diseases, and greater financial viability for our not-for-profit clinic, leading to a win-win scenario for all.

Help us reach our target of $30k

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WWG uses a social impact framework to measure outputs and outcomes to improve health and wellbeing and health equity for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Spent on Medications, Pathology and Radiology

on behalf of client seeking asylum in 2022 – 2023



across all programs in 2022 – 2023


Service Contacts

across all programs in 2022 – 2023



in 190 physical activity sessions during 2022 – 2023



received in fundraising in 2022 – 2023


Clients from Multicultural Backgrounds

across all programs in 2022 – 2023


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