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Describes WWG’s ‘DON’T STAND BY’ fundraising campaign to secure a new premises.

Don’t Stand by….

  • While health inequity in Australia continues to grow
  • While access to affordable primary health care decreases
  • While asylum seekers cannot access pathology, imaging services and medicines
  • While medical centres turn away Medicare ineligible asylum seekers
  • While people who speak no or limited English with complex health conditions continue to fall through the gaps in the health care system
  • While less than 1% of GPs use interpreters in general practice
  • While people who speak no or limited English cannot access interpreters for mental health services provided under Medicare
  • While bulk billed primary mental health care services are virtually non-existent
  • While some ethnic groups continue to have much higher chronic disease rates than the general population
  • While there are no multicultural primary health care services

We believe in health for all. We provide health care for all members of our community.

Don’t stand by…co-create the next WWG phase

martin luther king.pngSince opening our doors in 2012, we have provided healthcare to thousands of socially disadvantaged people. We are the main primary healthcare clinic for Brisbane’s asylum seekers and we continue to see people even when their Medicare is taken away.  We see refugees when they first arrive in Brisbane and ensure their first experiences with Australian healthcare are driven by compassion, understanding and expertise.  We have a growing mental health program and an innovative traditional medicine program all under one roof to support people with their complex physical and mental health problems.

Since 2012, we have had two homes – we started in a co-located room at the Brisbane Multicultural Centre and we currently occupy a little clinic in Stones Corner.  At both locations we very quickly took over the space and filled it to capacity!  Our clinics are constantly booked out and our rooms are always full.  Demand is high!

As a health promotion charity with a vision to build health equity, we are just starting on our mission.  You could say that what we have achieved so far, while impressive, is a drop in the ocean when compared to the need that exists in the community.  We want to increase our impact in 2017 by taking a big leap into a bigger space so we can provide more healthcare services to more people

This year we will fundraise to move to a bigger and longer-term home.  Being in a much larger clinic will have a bigger impact in two ways. Firstly, we will be able to see and support a bigger number of people seeking high quality, accessible and affordable healthcare.  Secondly, it will enable us to run our clinic at a profit and thereby allow us to self-fund much needed health promotion programs and to work proactively in the health system – upstream where many of the problems and inequities are caused in the first place. This is in addition to the Medicare ineligible work we already contribute.

Our target is $500k.  This is ambitious but do-able. 

How you can help us

  1. Please donate to our fundraising campaign.  Every dollar helps.
  2. Follow us on social media and share our posts or tell others who can help.
  3. Offer your time – we are on the lookout for people who can help with fundraising.

Let’s end health inequity for asylum seekers, refugees and disadvantaged migrants.

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