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Our Approach

Culture in Mind is a multicultural, community-based mental health support and recovery service supporting the social, emotional, and mental wellbeing of people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background in Greater Brisbane.

We provide innovative Wraparound culture-based care to clients through client-centred practice

Our service model is based on the principles of wellness, recovery, and participation. Our Wellbeing Support Coordinators draw on a client’s own experience and knowledge to empower and support them to meet their wellbeing goals.

Cultural Support Workers

Cultural Support Workers (CSWs) are a key element in our model of culture-based Wraparound services. They represent a great diversity of cultures and work closely with our wellbeing support coordinators in both individual and group sessions to ensure our services are culturally tailored to the needs of our clients. Specifically, they provide valuable insight into:

  • Cultural explanatory beliefs about mental health
  • Cultural practices
  • History and context
  • Cultural traditions
  • Cultural, verbal, and non-verbal communication cues
  • Reducing communication barriers
  • Family traditions and relationships
  • Connection to land and spirituality

Our wellbeing support coordinators integrate cultural advice from CSWs into their professional practice such as:

  • Cultural meaning about mental health and mental illness
  • Traditional practices for mental health and wellbeing
  • Traditional approaches to communication, healing, and conflict resolution
  • Culturally appropriate support around complex issues such as cultural grief and loss
  • Cultural identity and meaning
  • Cultural ways of working through client goals and empowering individuals to use their cultural beliefs and practices in an empowering way
  • Identify the difference between cultures in relation to emotional expressions, communication, family values and parenting that may be impacting their understanding of mental health services
  • Diverse ways of working with individuals to meet their needs and requests for support

CSWs may not be appropriate in all cases, and sometimes individual clients prefer not have a CSW involved in their care and support. Wellbeing support coordinators provide clients a choice during assessment and CSWs are only used with client consent. Telephone interpreters are used when language support is required.

Our CSWs all have police checks, organisational training, understand the privacy and confidentiality laws, and have expressed an interested working in the mental health sector.

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