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Consultancy and advisory services

As a social enterprise organisation, WWG offers consultancy services to non-government organisations, government departments and communities to generate funds to channel into WWG's own client services.

WWG provides a range of expert consultancy services in the areas of multicultural health evaluation,  research, community engagement, service review and planning, supervision, mentoring, training,  resource development, project management and business case development. As our team has extensive experience in the multicultural sector, we also offer specialist, culturally competent expertise in these areas. Our team has worked in policy, management, training, research, evaluation, clinical and operational roles.

WWG’s consultancy and advisory services are benchmarked and provided in accordance with the seven domains of a core competency framework for international health consultants: client context, accountability, ethical practice, legal practice, service provision, communication and continuing competence.

WWG welcomes the opportunity to discuss how we may be of assistance and support. Please contact us.

Examples of past/current projects:

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