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What services are available?

  • General medical services via general practice and nursing
  • Mental health via psychology, mental health accredited social work and occupational therapy
  • Traditional medicine including acupuncture, massage therapy, homoeopathy and clinical nutrition

Is the clinic open to all members of the community?

Yes, we welcome all members of our community to our clinic.

But it says the clinic specialises in multicultural health care?

Our mission is to provide access to health care for socially disadvantaged groups in our community, we specialise in working with multicultural population groups and we welcome everyone regardless of their background.  There may be some specific discreet service projects that have been specifically funded for a population group.  These change over time.  It is best to ask us what is available to suit your needs.

Are bulk billing GP services available to everyone regardless of income?

Yes, all GP services are bulk billed. We do not charge a gap fee for medical services.

Do I need a referral to see a mental health practitioner?

Yes and no. For some services you will not and for others you will require a mental health care plan. Please email the Mental Health Service mentalhealth[at] 

What is the cost of a mental health appointment?

Mental health appointments are either bulk billed or provided through our Multicultural Psychological Therapies Program at no cost.

Do I need a referral to the community acupuncture clinic?

No, you can book in directly.

What can I expect from the clinic?

You can expect to be welcomed by our caring staff and to receive a confidential and respectful service. We focus on you as a whole person and take a team approach with our practitioners to ensure you receive the best possible health care combining conventional and traditional medicine. We invite you to participate in our illness prevention and wellness programs as our aim is not only to treat your illness but to help and support you to stay well.

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