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Our practitioners

We have a very experienced and diverse team of practitioners.

Medical practitioners

adela.jpgDr Adela Brownbill
General Practitioner
Provider Number 241017DY

Adela is a general practitioner with a background in rural medical care. She has worked in a number of different locations throughout Australia. She enjoys the diversity of general practice and has a wide range of experience caring for people at all stages of life. 


Dr Sara Burton
Provider Number 2363715K

Dr Sara Burton comes to World Wellness Group from the suburban private practice setting and is a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Sara undertook her training primarily at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital working in acute community and inpatient mental health settings, and spent the majority of her advanced training working within the multidisciplinary Homeless Health Outreach Service. After completing training in 2010 in General Adult Psychiatry, Sara has worked in both the private and public sectors, and is currently working part-time in private practice on the south side of Brisbane.

ailene.jpgDr Ai-Lene Chan
General Practitioner
Provider number 5138091T

Dr Chan is a general practitioner with a background in remote medicine, Indigenous health and working with asylum seekers in immigration detention. She recently moved from Adelaide to Brisbane and completed her specialist training in Melbourne in 2010. Ai-Lene has completed a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and holds a Diploma of Child Health. She enjoys working with families and has a special interest in pregnancy, women's health and paediatrics.

Dr Graham Emblen
General Practitioner
Provider Number 018127AX

Dr Graham Emblen has been a General Practitioner for over 25 years working in Toowoomba and now Brisbane. He has special interests in education, psychology, aged care, palliative care and systems in general practice.

He is the Deputy Director of Medical Education for General Practice Training Queensland, working to grow and maintain a high quality training programme for future General Practitioners and supporting areas including innovation, remediation and communication skills training.

He is also a senior lecturer with the University of Queensland, and works with the National Prescribing Service on their review panel.  He has had some experience of health outside Australia having worked in Papua New Guinea and in Uganda for brief periods.

katrina cropped.jpgDr Katrina Neal
General Practitioner
Provider number 431201EH

 Dr Neal is a GP with almost 40 years experience, and with a Masters in Counselling, has a particular interest in mental health as well as in prevention, women’s health and paediatrics. She is also interested in lifestyle issues and the promotion of good health and enjoys working at WWG as she believes strong community and community connection is  the answer to good mental health. She loves to Tango and cycle and as a vegetarian has a particular interest in Middle Eastern cooking. She has studied and taught in the US  “How to be your own doctor sometimes”  and is very committed to teach people how to look after themselves to stay healthy. 

Li\'s Profile photo.jpgLi Gao
Practice Nurse

Li was born in China and came in Australia to study in 2008. She completed an Enrolled Endorsed Nursing Diploma in 2010 and graduated from QUT Bachelor of Nursing in 2012. She has been working as a Registered Nurse in a General Practice since early 2014. During this time, she has come across patients from many different cultural backgrounds. She is very easy to approach and always responds to you with a smile. In her spare time she loves cooking and spending time with family and friends. She enjoys many activities such as swimming, snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, playing badminton and tennis, Nordic walking and cross skating. Other than English, Li speaks Mandarin and understands Cantonese.

Allied health practitioners

jackie bently.jpgJackie Bentley
Social Worker

Jackie is a member of the Australian Association of Social Work, and is an accredited mental health Social Worker. Jackie has over 20 years’ experience in clinical social work in both general health and mental health, and has developed skills in individual and group therapy.

For the past 10 years Jackie has specialised in the area of culturally and linguistically diverse clients with a mental illness, and during this time has worked  across the community and inpatient settings and has developed an interest and expertise in working with  asylum seekers and refugees.

Jackie has also worked casually as a lecturer in Social Work covering the area of Cultural Diversity in Social Work Practice at the Australian Catholic University.

Jackie currently also works at the Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre, where she coordinates and delivers a depression program for CALD communities and works as a transcultural mental health specialist doing cultural/mental health assessments alongside bicultural workers. 

diana.jpgDiana Fitzgerald
Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist
Medicare Provider Number 5072593J

As a dietitian, Diana is striving to bring a fresh approach with her immense love for food as well as respect for individual's lifestyle and cultural needs. She has a passionate belief that everyone deserves to achieve their best health and can make positive changes through food.

As well as providing antenatal and postnatal care within the community setting, Diana previously managed several wards and outpatient clinics at Mackay Base hospital, gaining experience in a range of acute and chronic clinical conditions. Diana is proud to have contributed to the evaluation and quality improvement of food provision in both public and private hospital systems. 

Diana is also the founder of ‘Greater Health Nutrition’ where she provides nutrition consultation mainly in the areas of weight management, women's health, aged care and gastrointestinal disorders.

romina.jpgRomina Iebra Aizpurua

As an experienced clinical psychologist with a Masters in Psychology obtained overseas and PhD in social psychology currently awaiting Australian provisional registration, Romina is a highly qualified counsellor with advanced clinical skills in individual and group therapy in clinical psychology, mental health, psychological trauma, evidence based psychotherapies, and emergency and humanitarian responses. Romina has worked in a range of multidisciplinary settings with multicultural teams in government, NGOs, private health sector and academia. She has taught counselling theories and practice at Victoria University, Melbourne and is currently a senior lecturer with Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane. Romina is a Mindfulness professional (MBSR) and a qualified Yoga teacher. 

dragos_small_file_size.jpgDragos Ileana
Clinical Psychologist PSY0000976762
Medicare Provider 4567292J

Dragos is a registered psychologist with background in clinical psychology and psychotherapy. He has been working in this field for 10 years providing assistance to clients with a wide range of diagnoses. He was also involved in developing and delivering training for clinicians and psychology students in the mental health area, counselling and psychotherapy field.  He migrated to Australia in 2007 and since 2009 he has been working for Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Services as a project officer and clinical specialist providing assistance to clients from various cultural backgrounds.   His interests are in human potential and personal development using holistic approaches to enable clients to (re)discover their inner strength, to give meaning to their experiences and to catalyse transformation and spiritual growth. Dragos is an ATAPS provider for the greater Brisbane metro south region.


Lody Levy
Social worker
Medicare provider 4075528K

Lody is a Mental Health social worker, psychotherapist and art therapist with over 25 years’ experience of working in the field of Trauma and Mental Health.  She was born in South Africa and lived there for 23 years.  She left South Africa during the Apartheid era due to her strong commitment to social justice and sought exile in the United Kingdom where she was lucky to receive refugee status within two years of her arrival with her husband.

She completed her professional training in the United Kingdom and qualified as an  art therapist in 1988.  She ran an art therapy service at The Medical Foundation for The Care of Refugees and Survivors of Torture in London.  She has always been deeply committed to supporting the human rights and mental health of refugees and feels very privileged to now be making a contribution to the World Wellness Group.  Lody offers Art Therapy at World Wellness Group.

mike maire portrait.jpg

Michael Maire
Occupational Therapist
Provider number 4953212K

Michael is a Registered Occupational Therapist in private practice and working publicly with clients of the Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre.  He has a background in mental health and cultural services in Australia and in New Zealand.  He has worked in this field for 18 years providing support, assistance, counsel and education for a varied diagnostic group from many different cultural backgrounds.  He was involved in setting up the first ever clinical Pacific Island community mental health service in the world, as well as working extensively in the Maori Mental health systems and with Pacific Island health in general.  He has a passion for working in a cultural setting to enable clients to become as independent as possible with the right amount of skills and support and uses holistic models of care and thinking to guide his practice.  Mike has a sound knowledge of Occupational Therapy theory and models which he has used to train and mentor clinicians and staff as well as lecturing at universities.  His interests are in using music, adventure, arts, storytelling, sensory, and image therapies to assist clients to achieve their goals and embrace the opportunities provided by their experiences.  Mike is and ATAPS and BAMHS provider for the greater Brisbane metro south region.


lola office.jpgOlufunmilola (Lola) Peters
Mental health credentialed nurse
Medicare provider 5155041W

Lola is an experienced mental health credentialed nurse with over 16 years work experience in various healthcare settings utilising a range of nursing specialities including addictions and mental. She obtained her Bachelor of Nursing at QUT (2004), Master of Nursing Management ACU (2008), Graduate Certificate in Ageing and Dementia QUT (2013), Diploma in Mental Health Nursing (2015) and is currently completing her Nurse Practitioner qualifications in Mental Health Nursing (James Cook University) 2016-2017. Lola is a member of Australian College of Mental Health Nursing. Lola can receive referrals under the Better Access program.

andres_small_size.jpgAndres Otero Forero
Registered Psychologist PSY0000956317
Medicare Provider 4404357W

Andres is a Colombian-born psychologist with a Master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Andres has combined his clinical practice with his other passion, education. He was an international speaker and guest lecturer in different academic institutions before coming to Australia in 2003. Since then, he has worked in the multicultural sector. In 2007 he joined the Queensland Transcultural Mental Health Centre where he coordinated a depression and chronic disease program for CALD communities before becoming a clinical specialist. He currently works there as Clinical Educator and consults for a private practice where he provides therapy for a range of psychological issues. Andres states: “after reading so many psychological theories and applying different therapeutical approaches my style is eclectic”. Andres is an ATAPS provider for the greater Brisbane metro south region.


Annette Ruzicka (JP Qual)
Social Worker
Medicare Provider 4878521L

Annette is a member of the Australian Association of Social Work with a background over 20 years of professional work in clinical social work in mental health. Annette has a number of qualifications including Bachelor of Adult Education and Training, Bachelor of Social Work, Master in Social Work, Certificate in Nursing and Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Psychotherapy and Counselling.

 Annette also has management experiences working in Queensland government in particular in the child protection arena as the Director for the Transitional Placements Unit managing therapeutic audits for children and young people placed in Out of Home Care arrangements and Manager for a number of Child Safety Service Centres in South East Queensland.

Annette also has significant experience working in hospital Emergency Department hospital &, Community Mental Health social worker, Manager in Non Government Sector for Migrant and Refugee bilingual/bicultural mental health consultant with QLD Health, TAFE and university lecturer. She is also an active member of the ASSW Ethics Pool. 

Annette speaks three languages (Sinhala, Tamil, and English) and has been living in Australia over 40 years since migrating from Sri Lanka. Annette salutes the World Wellness Group values of social justice approach to respecting culturally appropriate health outcomes for clients and their families with mindful and clinical practices that enhance a sense of purpose, connectedness – to self, others and  nature, with a quest for wholeness filled with hope and harmony. Annette’s motive to client services resonate these values in her practice and theoretical frameworks.

Suzanne Utai
Social Worker

Suzanne is an experienced clinical therapist with over 15 years clinical experience in the USA, Samoa and Australia. Suzanne commenced private practice in 2000 with a focus on child, youth and family therapy  and has extensive experience working with families, youth and adults in relation to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, family violence, and life transitions. She also has experience in the provision of debriefing services for employers of staff working with high risk individuals. Suzanne is an experienced cross cultural practitioner having worked with people from many diverse backgrounds and receives regular referrals from agencies that particularly work with complex clients such as child safety, probation and parole and mental health. Suzanne is also a current ATAPS provider with Brisbane South PHN

Traditional medicine practitioners

Click here for a list of our traditional medicine practitioners.

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