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Mental Health and Wellbeing Program

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Our mental health and wellbeing program is a key service of our clinic. Our GPs are experienced primary mental health care providers supported by our psychiatrist and a team of mental health clinicians and support workers. 

What we provide

We provide the following services:

PM+; low intensity psychological services for Brisbane North side

Culture in mind: Psycho-social, recovery and support services for the multicultural community in Brisbane South and North

Multicultural Psychological Therapies Program: psychological treatment for people who experience mild to moderate mental illness who have barriers (language and/or cultural) accessing mainstream treatment options for Brisbane South side.

Better Access: we provide psychological therapies under Medicare (Better Access)

Psychiatry: we provide limited psychiatry services to people referred by our GPs who require psychiatric input for ongoing support and treatment

The following are commonly provided:


You will be able to receive:

Holistic assessment  and treatment services from multidisciplinary practitioners (psychiatry, general practice, psychology, social work, occupational therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture)

Referral to other services needed

Easy entry to other services and groups at WWG

Educational sessions (individual and/or group-work)


For information on how to make a referral, click on the program you are interested in.


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