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Health promotion, prevention and self-management programs

WWG has a variety of programs to promote health and wellness, to prevent ill health from developing and to support people to manage their health conditions better.  All our programs are culturally tailored and use interpreters if required. Below is a list of our programs that you can pre-register for.


If you would like to pre-register your interest for the programs listed below, please email us to put your name down.  We will then contact you when the program dates become available.

Managing anxiety naturally
A six week group program that provides practical strategies to manage anxiety naturally.  Each week focuses on a different approach.  The program covers holistic health and anxiety; relaxation techniques; mindfulness; nutrition; physical activity; ayurveda and acupressure.

Infant massage
A 5 week group for mums and dads of pre-crawling age babies.  Massaging infants has been practised across many cultures for thousands of years as an important early life ritual.  It benefits both baby and parents by improving bonding, communication, stimulating the body systems, pain relief and improvement of sleep. 

Chronic pain management
A six week group covering - understanding pain and pain cycles; relaxation and pain; nutrition and pain; mental health; physical activity; motivation to stay well.

Qi gong for beginners
A 5 week beginners group to learn the 18 movement-set of Qi Gong Shibashi.  In this group people experience the benefits of this beautiful moving meditation; excellent to increase fitness, flexibility, joint movement and balance; promotes relaxation, helps to manage anxiety and promotes mental wellbeing; and is suitable for all fitness levels.  

Yoga your worries away
A  5 week program where the foundation of ayurveda is applied through understanding the 5 elements and their relationship to health, mental health and wellbeing.  Learn healthy thinking strategies to overcome worrying behaviour.  Beginners level yoga is integrated into this program.

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